About Artist


Lauren Schnell is an artist and designer from New Orleans, Louisiana, currently pursuing her dreams as a creative entrepreneur. 

As a former Apparel Design student from Louisiana State University, Lauren spent three years focusing her attention on classes in Advanced Fashion Illustration and Design. Shortly after leaving LSU, she felt the urge to continue her artistic and liberal arts education at the University of New Orleans, receiving her BA in Fine Arts with minor studies in Film Arts. 

Lauren's artistic style has evolved enormously over the past five years, as she has become extremely interested in exploring new sources of inspiration. She obsesses over motion pictures & theater, and is constantly pulling inspiration from great directors, actors, and composers. Creatives like Tim Burton, Walt Disney, and Hans Zimmer ignite her imagination, allowing Lauren to tap into a level of inventive creativity. Traveling has been a force that constantly drives Lauren to create organically. New places, new people, new ideas. She is in current pursuits to travel the globe whilst illustrating her memories live on location. She pursues many opportunities to help inspire others to take action in causes she believes in. As a conservationist and lover of nature, Lauren's muses consist of ecosystems, exotic animals, and lush environments. Needless to say, she is an avid fashion enthusiast, constantly stalking her favorite designers, including the great Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, and Alexander Wang.  Lauren is inspired by innovative designs, couture collections, and theatrical runway productions that grace the glossy pages of her monthly Bazaar. Her unequivocal love for all things magical is truly expressed through her art. 

Schnell Studio is a space where design meets art; an interactive studio where your imagination and Lauren's vision can connect to create one-of-a-kind artwork.