April Inspiration: New Orleans Bywater

Wandering through the historic streets of the Big Easy simply ignites all the senses. From the vibrant colors of the city's one-of-a-kind architecture, to the smells that escape the confines of the many world-renowned restaurants, to the sounds of a corner brass band, the spirit that is New Orleans is, in the most literal sense, tangible. As an artist, I find myself in constant search for inspiration. As a native New Orleanian, I need only find myself outside my front door to find it. (I mean, let's be real, New Orleans might as well be Rainbow Road.) This week I wandered the streets of the New Orleans Bywater Neighborhood. The Bywater is pure magic, filled with vibrant architecture, lush greenery, and artistic flare.  Like a Sunday, this historic neighborhood is relaxing, laid back, and filled with nothing but good vibes. 

xx Lauren

All Photographs Belong to Lauren Schnell

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